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​Our highest priority is to glorify GOD by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and making His glory and greatness is the foundation upon which we all believe rests as the source from which all we do flows as we encourage all people to a personal relationship with ''HIM'' and membership in ''HIS FAMILY.''

For his glory, we exist to facilitate spiritual maturity of people in his faith, equip for ministry in the church, in the community and around the world in services to others; to worship GOD and discover HIS plans for our lives to show GOD's love in words and actions in our community. To help others come to know JESUS as Lord ans as the ONE/INTERCESSOR who can rebuild our lives and relationships with GOD.

Our vision is to impact lives for JESUS CHRIST by building genuine relationships with people and GOD by reaching people where they are, their areas of interest, invest into their lives, teach them about JESUS; to develop ways to help and allow geographically dispersed people to come together in community groups, varied themes, shared interest, and a common desire to pursue GOD and share the same core values evangelistically.

We believe that excellence honors GOD and inspires people. Therefore we relentlessly pursue excellence in every thing we do so GOD will have our best and is glorified  as we breakdown the divisions among mankind through education (study to show thyself approved), empowerment (to take in and seek what is good for us),instruction (to the do things in a natural, Godly and productive way) and inspiration (to change life's situation today).

As servants of GOD, we are called ministries that are loving, inclusive and justice bearing for the sake of GOD's glory that we all maybe one, TO THE GLORY OF GOD!

Apostle Albert Delone Jr.

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If God Be With You

Prophetess Linda Delone
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