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Men's Ministry

Pasor Albert Delone Jr
Executive Director


Men of Integrity Ministry are an inter-denominational men’s ministry designed to be a relevant force in today’s world to bridge the gap and disconnect between men. We offer men’s leadership training, men’s ministry training, men’s speaking engagements, & more.

There are two main connections that men need to grow strong in character and in their faith; A connection to Jesus Christ and a connection to other men where they can be challenged and encouraged to live out what they learn; at home, with family, at church, at work, and in their journey with Christ. The natural tendency of men is to isolate themselves, especially when faced with crisis in their lives. A direct result of this is that they begin to lose sight of their God given mission in life and begin to give in to the stress, temptations and pressures of the world around them.

We challenge and encourage men to become men of integrity, men of faith and to become the strong leaders that God has called them to be through connection to Christ and to other men.  MI knows that through Christ, they have what it takes to positively impact their families and the world around them!  Our men ministry empowers, trains, teaches, and challenges men to live out their Christian faith.

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